After the chaos wrought at the cathedral of the Brotherhood of Righteous Light, Valentine and Connor have all but gone into hiding. Between the increased guard presence and Nessa’s capture, the city and its future are shrouded in uncertainty.

Together, they must face an enemy from Connor’s worst nightmares, seek aid from unlikely allies, and see each of their plans to fruition–all while remaining beneath the notice of the city watch. With his identity compromised, Connor’s options are limited and he can do little to move his plans ahead. Instead, he must rely almost entirely on Valentine to gather information. A feat that would prove easier, if he could get the saints-forsaken demon to sit down and talk without devolving into sniping or giving in to the attraction between them.

Valentine, in possession of both his relic and the truth of Connor’s past, is determined to change the fate of his people. With the help of his brother, he intends to call the fae and demons back to Duncaster and take control–with or without Connor’s willing assistance. His dream of restoring his people to their proper place is, perhaps, finally within his ability.

Their futures are tied together by more threads than either is willing to admit. Emotions and magic pull them into a bond that goes deeper than either is willing to confront, yet neither can deny its existence. But completing that bond and cementing their relationship is only the first step and even the best laid plans–of which theirs are assuredly not–are like to go awry.

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Content and Trigger Warnings