Weston Grey is many things—a touch-starved fox-shifter, the fourth son of a viscount, a hopeless romantic, and a librarian in need of a job. He has been avoiding his home and his father’s expectations by traveling abroad for the past seven years, but now that he’s returned to Kestrel, the future he’s been dreading is closing in on him. Either he must find a job by the end of the month, or his father will find him a bride.

Cazimir Deimos, Duke of Keirn and centuries-old demon, has also recently returned to Kestrel. In his absence, the wards protecting his land and the people who live there have begun to fail. He and his brother, Luca, suspect a mage to be responsible–specifically, a female mage in want of a fortune and title.

Luca convinces Cazimir to play at seeking a wife to draw the mage out, thrusting him into society’s spotlight. Meanwhile, desperate for information regarding the ancient wards, Cazimir takes out an ad for a private librarian. Equally desperate, Weston jumps at the chance of employment. The opportunity seems too good to be true, and soon enough, complications arise as Cazimir begins to suspect there may be more to the pretty, well-mannered archivist than meets the eye.

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