Following the resurrection of Ixphae, the Lady of Storm, Fenn is charged by the gods to wake her people and stop the evil her half-brother intends to unleash. With the bonds she'd forged now in tatters, she journeys across land and sea, seeking a way to rouse her ancestors.

Deep in the Night Territories, at the temple where the Harpies perished, a prophecy leads Fenn further from home and closer to lands she'd never dreamt of traversing. Aided by her brother and hastened by news of a sickness overtaking the people of Iskrendour, she takes to the deserts in search of lost gods.

But there is no clear origin or cure to the illness striking down those Fenn holds dear, and to save them—her home, her flock—Fenn will sacrifice anything. Even her obedience to the gods.

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Content and Trigger Warnings

Cover by Fay Lane

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