Soren, code-name Anubis, is part of an elite group of mercenaries beholden to the alpha of the Vasco pack. Trained from childhood, he is a skilled thief, assassin, and spy--but his true worth lies in the magic that allows him to kill with a single touch. Given an assignment that feels like a test of loyalty, Soren suspects there is more at work in the Vasco pack ranks than he knows. Not that it matters. Soren always gets the job done. That is, until he encounters a gorgeous tattooed man whose touch negates his magic.

Dominik Prince is a simple man. He just wants to run his coffee shop in peace and remain off the radar for anyone who might connect him to the past he's worked so hard to escape. But simple isn't in the cards when you're a witch in hiding. Especially not when the past you've run from always seems to be nipping at your heels. When Dominik finds himself wrapped around a handsome man on his night out, he doesn't expect to be drawn into the business of the local wolf pack; after all, the man in his arms clearly isn't a wolf.

Fate and duty pull Dominik and Soren in directions neither anticipate, but the attraction between them can't be denied any more than Soren's orders or Dominik's independence. But like a bad penny, the past has a way of turning up when least convenient and might well tear any hope of a future apart.

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