Duncaster is ruled by a king who despises magic. Anyone with latent talent is consigned to the Brotherhood of Righteous Light, where they are raised to be weapons for the kingdom. Freedom isn’t an option for mages. After discovering his first wife–and, by extension, the crown prince–harbored magical talent, King Sten sent the church to eradicate any House with a trace of magic–human, fae, demon, or otherwise.

Connor Reed–once Prince Riven–faked his own death to escape the church. Upon discovering the fate of both his mother and their House, he swore vengeance against his father. Connor has spent every moment of the last twelve years building contacts, orchestrating events, honing his magic and setting his plans in motion–all with little concern for his own well-being. Now, he resides in Duncaster as a carefree lesser noble. But beneath this facade lies a sharp mind fixated on the ruination of the king.

Valentine, the Trow of Duncaster, has spent his life on the streets following the destruction of the royal demon House Sandoval. Though raised to rule his people, he has learned to accept his circumstances and revels in his notoriety as an accomplished thief and assassin. Filling his nights with illicit jobs and feeding the magic-hungry beast under his skin, his only problem is the tie he still has to the human gang leader, Hess.

When Connor maneuvers Valentine into accepting a contract to discredit the Brotherhood, their lives become indelibly linked. Connor finds himself drawn to Valentine in ways even he couldn’t have foreseen. Lured by his own innate curiosity, Valentine can’t help but want to unravel the mystery of the mage who seems hells-bent on provoking him at every turn.

Magic, attraction, and a quest for revenge bind them together–saints preserve anyone who stands in their way.

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Content and Trigger Warnings

Cover by Therese Andreasen / warickaart